Political Science

Honors Information

Pursuing an Honors Degree

The Political Science Department is strongly committed to the Winthrop University Honors Program. As evidence of this commitment, the Political Science Department has the distinction of producing more honors program graduates than any department in the University, and several faculty members have served on the Honors Committee.

We strongly encourage all eligible students to take honors courses and to participate in the honors degree program. Taking honors courses and completing an honors degree is looked upon very favorably by graduate and professional schools' admissions committees and is particularly good preparation for graduate work in Political Science.

Students who earn an honors degree must write a thesis. For complete details, please consult the honors program office or the catalog.

Political Science Honors Program candidates should contract for Honors credit in PLSC 490 (Political Science Capstone). The instructors of this course will comprise two members of the student's three-member Thesis committee. In consultation with the third member, these instructors will guide the student through the Honors thesis process. Honors students will give a public defense of their theses outside of class, meet all course requirements, and any additional requirements to receive Honors credit in PLSC 490. Honors program candidates should complete their thesis sometime during their senior year.