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Nina Cano's (2010) love for the law is founded in her passion for justice. As a first-generation immigrant, Nina and her family experienced the increased hardship and uncertainty that many immigrants often face. As a result, Nina is devoting her career to helping immigrant families, asylum seekers, and unaccompanied children seek refuge in the safe harbors of the United States through legal representation and by empowering them with information of their constitutional rights.
Nina graduated from Winthrop University in 2010 where she majored in Political Science and was awarded the coveted Janice Chastain Houk Award for her capstone research. Her experience at Winthrop, the welcoming support of the Political Science Department, and the challenging Capstone Course was essential to teaching Nina the necessary skills to thrive in law school and in her career.

 At Florida Coastal School of Law, Nina competed nationally with both moot court and mock trial teams where she was awarded five national championship titles beating out elite schools like Cornell, SMU, and UCLA, among others. After law school, Nina worked for ProBAR, a project of the American Bar Association, providing pro bono representation to unaccompanied minor children from Central America during the UAC crisis of 2014. Working in Southern Texas at the border and on the frontlines of immigration law provided Nina the unique opportunity to work in a high-volume environment with detained children. During this time, Nina also passed three state bars and is now licensed in Texas, Florida, and South Carolina.

Using this experience, Nina has returned to her hometown of Charleston, SC where she opened Cano Law, LLC to continue working for the immigrant community. Cano Law, LLC provides a much-needed service for the immigrant communities of South Carolina. Not only does law office understand the importance of reconciliation of families, but they also recognize the significance of keeping such families together. Through a diligent and collaborative approach to each workday, Cano Law, LLC endeavors to improve the lives of immigrants and their families however which way they possibly can.

In addition to providing direct representation, Nina also volunteers in her community by collaborating with local non-profits, consulates, and law enforcement to help facilitate the integration of immigrant families to our local community. In 2017, Nina provided pro bono representation for two weeks representing detained mothers and children in Dilley, TX and in representing fathers in Stewart, GA. Nina is eternally grateful to her husband, Chris Richards (WU alum 2010), and her parents for supporting her and allowing her the opportunity to follow her dreams.