Political Science

Graduate Programs

Winthrop University offers graduate study in several fields that might be interesting to Political Science students. They include:

The Master of Liberal Arts Program: The Master of Liberal Arts Program provides learners with the unique ability to pursue a highly customized interdisciplinary graduate degree program, developed according to their own interests, while building broad analytical and problem solving skills that reach across the boundaries of academic disciplines and beyond the limited structure of traditional graduate degree programs.

Since 2012, the Department of Political Science and the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies have offered a Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) with a Concentration in Political and Civic Engagement (PLCE). This program is designed to offer the opportunity for focused graduate study in Political Science, especially those topics focusing on citizenship and citizen engagement, within the interdisciplinary context of the MLA program.Winthrop University students may complete the M.L.A. degree on an accelerated basis, taking up to 9 hours of 500-level graduate-level courses while still undergraduates. In this way, students may complete the M.A. degree within one year of finishing their undergraduate degree. For more information, please consult the Graduate School's Program Description.

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and the MAT5 Programs: The MAT and the MAT5 programs are designed to allow students who have already completed a Bachelor's degree in a Social Studies field (including Political Science), to earn secondary education certification in Social Studies. The traditional MAT program is a two-year program that includes courses in education and in the social studies disciplines. The MAT5 program is a three-semester program for students who have earned their bachelor's degrees within the last two years, and have studied broadly across the social studies fields. Please consult the Graduate School's website for specific entrance requirements for the MAT5 in Social Studies.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the MBA5 Programs: The MBA program is a professional degree for individuals interested in pursuing careers in business administration. Students who combine a BA in Political Science with an MBA are well equipped to pursue careers in campaign fundraising, campaign management, and corporate government relations.

Winthrop University offers two options for students interested in these careers. The first is a BA in Political Science with a Professional Business minor. The professional business minor ensures students meet all prerequisites for admission to either the regular two-year MBA program (all concentrations), or the MBA5 program. Read more about the BA/MBA prep program.

The second option allows students to major in Political Science and minor in any field of study, as long as the candidate completes six MBA pre-requisite courses during their undergraduate careers. In the Political Science program, these pre-requisites may be used to meet Touchstone Program requirements (as applicable) or as electives. Read more about the MBA5 program

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