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About Pre-Law

The Association of American Law Schools and the Law School Admission Council do not prescribe a specific major as preparation for law school, however many students planning on law school select a major in political science. The pre-law advisor at Winthrop is a member of the political science faculty.

Prospective law students in any major are encouraged to meet with the pre-law advisor early in their course of study to plan their preparation for law school. Law-related political science courses such as the Judiciary, Constitutional Law, and Civil Liberties, are of particular interest to those contemplating the study of law after graduation.

Winthrop graduates have attended law school at such institutions as Georgetown University, the University of Arizona, Southern California School of Law, and the University of Georgia. Dr. Adolphus Belk serves as the faculty advisor to students who chose to apply to law school. Please see Preparing for Law School: Facts and Resources (pdf -- 43.53kb) for more information.

Last Updated: 8/1/19