Political Science

Transfer Students

Winthrop University has transfer articulation agreements with all South Carolina Technical Colleges. All Political Science credit earned at a South Carolina technical college will is accepted at Winthrop University and can apply to degree program requirements.

Winthrop also has a two + two program, whereby students can earn an Associate of Arts Degree from a South Carolina technical college, and earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science in just two more years. Read more about the two + two program.

Students transferring from other institutions are likely to receive credit for all, or almost all, Political Science courses offered by other colleges and universities. Similarly, Winthrop University is likely to grant transfer credit for Political Science courses taken abroad as part of a study abroad program. Students should speak with a representative of the College of Arts and Sciences Student Services Office to learn exactly how credits taken at other institutions will transfer.

In addition, the major in Political Science does not require students to take particular courses to meet Touchstone (General Education) Program requirements. This also helps transfer of credits.

With rare exceptions, courses taken as part of a paralegal certification program are not likely to transfer for Political Science credit.

For more information regarding transferring to Winthrop University, please visit the College of Arts and Sciences transfer students' webpage.