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Political Science

My Political Science Experience

Kristina Kent

Political Science

Kent, KristinaKristina Kent (2006) graduated from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law and passed the Louisiana State Bar exam. Kristina is a Staff Attorney in the Office of the Judicial Administrator the Louisiana State Supreme Court in New Orleans, LA. She also serves as Board President of the NET Charter High School in New Orleans, whose mission is "to provide struggling high school students with the skills, confidence, and experience necessary to succeed in the education and career paths of their choice."

"Several of the professors within the Political Science Department are among the best educators I have ever encountered. I was introduced to topics in college that have truly helped me to better understand our world, and thus, better serve it. For instance, I was first introduced to the school-to-prison pipeline in one of Dr. Belk's classes. I now serve on the board of a high school which seeks to reduce this pipeline by serving, among others, students who have previously been adjudicated, but are seeking a second chance at a high school diploma. In short, attending Winthrop and earning a degree in Political Science was one of the best decisions I ever made."


Last Updated: 8/20/20