Mass Communication


Students connect, enhance and expand classroom skill sets during internship and practicum experiences. Internship and practicum experiences enhance and expand students' classroom skillsets while connecting them to seasoned professionals and workplace practices. 

Green Screen

Mass Communication students are required to complete at least 1 credit hour with a maximum of 3 credit hours at an off-campus professional internship or practicum. Where as, Integrated Marketing majors must complete an internship. One to three internships may be taken for a maximum of 1 to 3 credit hours. 

Internships provide an opportunity to gain real world experience in college. Employers want evidence of professional experience, preferably through two or three internships. Internships can lead to job offers at the internship placement.

Guidelines for Students

Upon Department approval, a contract is created between the student, employer, and Winthrop University. A progress record ensures academic credit. Basic, but not inclusive, requirements include:

  • A weekly report must be sent to your internship faculty adviser showing the work you have completed
  • A mid-semester evaluation by the employer of the student
  • A final report that summarizes, reviews and analyzes the internship experience must be submitted no later than 10 days after completing the internship
  • A confidential evaluation by the employer of student's work and ability must be sent to the internship faculty advise
  • A course evaluation must be completed by the intern

Internship forms are available on the department's forms page.