Mass Communication

Interns Talk

I would encourage any students with the opportunity to work at The Herald to take it. It has given me a chance to improve my writing and get some professional clips. One of the key benefits is being able to work with people who can edit your work and show you things that you learn from working at The Johnsonian or Roddey McMillan.

Adam MacInnis, The Herald, Rock Hill, S.C.

I primarily worked in the news department but over the course of the summer, I had the opportunity to work with other departments inside of the newsroom. These included sports and weather. I saw how the sports reporters go out and shoot and edit all of their stories. I did a few stand-ups when I worked in sports and even wrote a few stories...I also worked in weather for a while...I think I would love to be a weatherman.

Dwayne Greene, WCBD TV-2, Charleston, S.C.

One of the major strengths of this internship was the freedom I had in completing tasks. I was asked to work on "real" projects that went beyond copying and filing. My supervisor trusted me and really gave me the reins and let me "own" certain projects; he did not hover over me or constantly check in to see if I was doing everything correctly. But he was available to answer any of my questions.

Jennifer Gilcoes, National Communication Association, Washington, D.C.

Working for a small company gave me the opportunity to explore every aspect of the business from sales to marketing to production and because of this I felt very included. The strengths of this particular internship consisted of the individuals, the locations, the reputation and the passion. Passion is the number one thing I witnessed at Tribble Creative Group. Each member of the team was absolutely in love with his or her job and that makes for a well-balanced and engaging environment.

Amanda Landreth, Tribble Creative Group, Charlotte, N.C.

Marketing is such a broad field and I don't think I would have been able to do as much as I did in my internship without learning every aspect of it through IMC. I have seen first-hand how "integrated" it is and how every part is just as important as the others. Understanding each variable will help me be flexible in the job market.

Kristine Martin, Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, N.C.

Along with computer and writing skills, I am leaving Komen Charlotte with a broader knowledge of how many people breast cancer affects no matter the age, race or family history. I also have learned how non-profits do not have a lot of extra money for advertising or other marketing collateral. So working with Komen Charlotte, I have learned to come up with innovative ways for marketing and advertising.

Rachel Kitchen, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Charlotte Affiliate

I think my biggest success while I was at the magazine was getting my article published. There were so many people who commented on it and so many people who read it that I got a lot of publicity out of it. I even got an e-mail from a band that I was working with saying that they saw me in the magazine and really liked the article.

Erika Wood, Charlotte: The City Magazine

After completing your internship, you may find as I did that the field you thought you wanted to go into is exactly what you want to do. However, you may discover it is nothing like you thought it would be and are able to change your plans before you have committed to something you will be unhappy with doing.

Chris Brady, Pure Creative, Fort Mill, S.C.