Mass Communication

About the Department

Guided by faculty with extensive professional and academic experience, students are prepared to enter cutting-edge careers affiliated with journalism, broadcast journalism, multimedia, and integrated marketing communication. Current faculty research fuels classroom discussions and offers opportunities for special interest topics and courses that reflect industry trends and feed student interests.

The Department of Mass Communication offers a unique experience that inspires learning. With a faculty: student ratio of 1:10.6, our faculty is afforded endless opportunities to connect with students to fuel passions that lead to goal attainment. Faculty delivers a student-centered curriculum that offers a hands-on experience. Labs are equipped with the latest technology to develop skilled and competent graduates who are equipped to enter a competitive marketplace.

Extending beyond the walls of the classroom, faculty encourages industry engagement promoting internships, speakers, and symposiums that help students be informed and apply the latest industry trends. The alumni mentorship program, professional networks and portfolio development opportunities connect students with alumni, businesses and communities that frequently open doors to fulfilling careers. International study abroad expands students horizons and enhances their ability to think critically from a global perspective to be set apart and a leader in the industry.