Video Production Club

Active for 2020-2021

Type of Organization:  Interest
Organization E-mail:
Purpose of Organization:  We are an organization for students of all majors to gain experience in various forms of film production; camera work, editing, sound design, writing, working with a team, etc. Our club is an opportunity for students to network as well as learn how to use equipment and editing software.
Description of Organization: Video Production Club is an organization that is all about film and video production. We work together to write, film, edit, and produce short films. We use our weekly meetings to discuss film, plan and create films, and do various creative exercises. We also host club movie nights a few times a semester. We are a club of film enthusiasts that are all about sharing ideas and collaborating to make those ideas come to life.

Planned Projects/Events: Writing/Filming/Editing short films, movie nights