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National Association of Black Journalists

Active for 2019-2020

Type of Organization:  Professional
Organization Email:
Purpose of Organization:  The purpose of WUABJ, in terms of its relationship with the National Association of Black Journalists, shall be: To work in accord with such officers as the student representative, to educate members and the University's community about the history of NABJ, as well as issues the association seeks to address in the journalism industry, to network with both aspiring and professional journalists, and to interact with fellow student chapters in journalism-related matters.
Description of Organization:  The members of Winthrop University Association of Black Journalists believe that students working toward degrees in journalism and mass communication at Winthrop university should work together under the auspices of the NABJ in the education of its members with respect to the journalism field, as well as in the pursuit of scholarships, internships and professional opportunities
Planned Projects/Events:  Each semester we plan to have panel discussions, media mixers, black history program, social networking events, and community service tasks.

Last Updated: 4/27/20