Employee Performance Appraisal
Administrative Review Process


Full Review

Effective 2005, internal peer reviews are required at the completion of both the first and second years for a new employee and for a current employee moving either from one academic administrative position to another or from classified status to academic administrator status. Thereafter, the internal peer reviews are required only every third year.  Internal peer reviews may be conducted each year if preferred by anyone in the line of authority for the academic administrator being reviewed. A minimum of 10 internal reviewers is required, but as many as 20 are permitted. Internal reviewers for athletic and academic administrators may include representation from the following groups:  vice presidents and deans; faculty, staff and students; department chairs and directors; and subordinates.

Short Review

Consists of the Self Review and the Supervisor's Final Review and is completed every second and third year unless there is a change as per above. 

April 13 HR sends e-mail to Rating Supervisor outlining steps involved in the review process, including procedures for identifying internal and external raters.
April 13 - 27 Rating Supervisor discusses the review process and timetable with the Athletic or Academic Administrative Employee being reviewed.
April 13 - 20 Rating Supervisor e-mails Self Review form link to Athletic or Academic Administrative Employee being reviewed.
May 1 Athletic or Academic Administrative Employees subject to the full review process submits list of potential internal and external Raters, with their appropriate addresses, to the Rating Supervisor.  The two will agree on the list of raters.
May 4 Rating Supervisor contacts list of internal and external Raters and supplies appropriate review form along with completion deadline.
May 8 Athletic or Academic Administrative Employee returns completed Self Review form.
May 19 Internal and External Ratings are returned to Rating Supervisor.
May 22 - June 16 Rating Supervisor schedules meeting with Athletic or Academic Administrative Employee to discuss final review and develop a plan for performance enhancement.
June 23 Send the completed and signed Supervisor's Final Review form to HR to be placed in the Athletic or Academic Administrative Employee's personnel file.























  • Self Review  (pdf 283kb)
  • Internal Review  (pdf 183kb)
  • Internal Review Summary  (pdf 20kb)
  • External Review  (pdf 19kb)
  • External Review Summary  (pdf 45kb)
  • Supervisor's Final Review  (pdf 258kb)