Graduate Assistant & Associate Positions

Each graduate assistant/associate position has its own responsibilities tailored to that position. Tasks are assigned by the supervisor (department or faculty member) and can include anything from assisting in a lab, academic counseling, or conducting research in one of the many on-campus departments, labs or clinics. We offer a wide range of graduate assistant/associate positions and the key to finding the one that best fits your needs is by doing your research, speaking with the supervisors, and planning. Explore the FAQ dropdown below to learn the ins and outs of being a graduate assistant.


Please review the Graduate Assistant and Graduate Associate Position Guidelines (PDF - 438 KB), which describes the general responsibilities of graduate assistants and associates. 


      To be approved for a Graduate Assistant/Associate position, the student must be fully or provisionally admitted to a graduate degree program. To retain a graduate position, the student must maintain academic eligibility and may not be on academic probation. 

      Note: Non-degree students may not hold graduate assistant or associate positions. Students enrolled for student teaching are ineligible to serve as a graduate assistant/associate that semester.

      Graduate Assistants will receive a stipend paid in equal installments via payroll and a tuition grant paid through the Financial Aid Office. The amount of stipend and tuition grant will be indicated on the hiring proposal form. 

      Graduate Associates are FLSA non-exempt employees and will receive an hourly wage. Graduate Associates must submit timesheets for the hours worked and will also receive a tuition grant paid through the Financial Aid Office. The hourly wage and tuition grant will be indicated on the hiring proposal form.

      Stipends and tuition grants vary between positions. Typical amounts range from $1750 to $3500 per semester, but specifics will be detailed in the job positing/description.  Make sure you fully understand the total financial package before applying.

      Please also note that tuition grants cannot exceed the amount of tuition per semester.

      You can search for open positions through PeopleAdmin


      Contact the department/school/office you are interested in for any available positions and their application procedures. 

      Graduate Assistants/Associates in a fully online program must be registered for at least 6 credit hours of course work, at Winthrop University, per semester.

      Graduate Assistants/Associates in a campus-based program must be registered for at least 9 credit hours of course work, at Winthrop University, per semester.

      Graduate students in their final semester, who have less than 9 hours of coursework remaining to meet degree requirements, may be granted permission to enroll in less than 9 credit hours at the discretion of the Dean of the School of Graduate, Continuing, and Online Education. This may result in a decrease in the amount of the tuition grant.

      Once the necessary paperwork has been submitted to the Graduate Studies Office by your department, Student Financial Services will be notified of your assistantship. Your account will then be credited for the amount which is covered by your tuition grant. Please be sure you pay the fees and any other charges not covered by your grant.

      Graduate assistant/associate positions can work up to 20 hours per week, as determined by the needs of the graduate position and the hiring department. Any additional on-campus employment must be preapproved by The Graduate Studies office.

      Students cannot hold more than one GA position in a semester. By accepting a Graduate Assistant/Associate position, the student understands the importance of this position and affirms their intent not to pursue other positions on campus. 

      If you decline the position it is your responsibility to communicate with your supervisor in a timely manner.

      If you no longer want to attend Winthrop University, it is your responsibility to drop your schedule. Please also understand that you are still responsible for any fees that may remain as a result of your withdrawal from classes.


For all open, publicly posted positions, visit and choose "Student" on the far right.

GA positions will be designated with either "Graduate Assistant" or "Graduate Associate" under the far right column denoting the Student Position Type. You can also further refine your search with keywords and by choosing either "Graduate Assistant" or "Graduate Associate" from the Student Position Type menu.

This system allows the completion of one application for multiple positions. If you have any questions concerning a specific position, we recommend contacting the hiring supervisor indicated in the listing by division. We also recommend that, if there is a specific department/school/office that you are interested in, you should reach out to them directly for information on any available positions and to discuss their application procedures.

3-Payment Plan for Graduate Assistants and Associates (PDF - 651 KB)
Supervisor Guidelines for Graduate Associate and Assistantships (PDF - 110 KB)
Graduate Assistant/Associate Position Guidelines (PDF - 438 KB)
Remote GA Guidelines (PDF - 354 KB)