Name:  Ja'Shaun Blanding
Title:  Field Director and Instructor 
Education:  M.S.W., University of South Carolina
B.S.W., Winthrop University 
Office:  118 Bancroft Hall   
Phone:  803/323-3302 
Area(s):  organizational development, leadership, child welfare practice, self-sufficiency programming


College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty & Staff Profiles

Ja'Shaun Brailey Blanding is the Field Director in the Department of Social Work at Winthrop University. Mrs. Blanding served as MSW Field Coordinator from 2019-2021 before stepping into the Director role. 

Before her role at Winthrop, Ja’Shaun worked as a Program Consultant/Trainer for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services in Child Welfare. Over 17 years, her professional experiences include work in child welfare, mental health, management in self-sufficiency programming, and online educational technology. Mrs. Blanding also served as a Field Instructor as well as an Adjunct Faculty member and Field Liaison. 

Ja’Shaun’s focus areas are organizational development, child welfare, and self-sufficiency programs. She believes the profession of Social Work is transformational to clients as well as social work practitioners.

Her mantra echoes a quote by Marian Wright Elderman, “you can’t be what you can’t see.” Ja’Shaun believes that it matters how we show up and, most importantly, how we think about ourselves and envision ourselves in the future. As a proud Winthrop BSW alum, Ja’Shaun strives to model for students that they can be successful Social Workers and ensure that students have experiential opportunities with the hope that they identify how they want to show up as professional Social Workers.