Master of Arts in English

The Master of Arts degree in English is designed for students who wish to expand their repertoire of literary, rhetorical, and pedagogical knowledge, often in preparation for careers in teaching, editing, or public service. It requires the completion of at least 30 hours of approved graduate-level courses. At least half the work presented for the degree must be 600-level courses.

In recent years, students who have completed the M.A. have gone on to doctoral study, become successful teachers in two-year colleges and secondary settings, and moved into fields such as banking, digital writing, teaching English in foreign countries, and even creative game design, as well as a number of managerial and administrative positions.

Immediately upon entering the graduate program, the student should develop, with the graduate director, an individual course of study that meets the requirements for the degree and the student's objectives. 

Beginning with the 2017-2018 Catalog

The M.A. degree requires that students complete 30 hours:

  • ENGL 600 Materials and Methods of Research in English*
  • A Graduate-level Theory Class (ENGL 602 or WRIT 502 or WRIT 503 or WRIT 610) *
  • British Literature prior to 1784 *
  • British Literature after 1784 *
  • American Literature *
  • ENGL 694 Graduate Studio (Capstone)
  • Collateral courses in supporting areas or departments * (0-9 semester hours)
  • 500-600 Level English Electives (0-24 semester hours in ENGL, ENGE, and WRIT). A combination of collateral courses and electives may be used to establish a concentration in areas such as creative writing, rhetoric and composition, or other appropriate areas.
  • To be eligible for graduation, a student must fulfill all course requirements, meet graduate school requirements for foreign languages and eligibility, and perform satisfactorily on a final comprehensive examination.

* These requirements are to assure a variety of experiences. If a student has a strong background in a particular area, he or she may substitute another course or area with permission of the graduate director.

** Students must have successfully completed 6 semester hours of a foreign language or have passed a language examination approved by the department before registering for the 25th semester hour of the program. 

For information about course offerings, please contact Dr. Amanda Hiner, Chair.

For information about program requirements, please contact Dr. Dustin Hoffman.

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