Young Alumni: G.O.L.D.

Winthrop Young Alumni are Graduates of the Last Decade (G.O.L.D.), or alumni who have received a traditional undergraduate Winthrop degree within the last 10 years. Graduates of the Last Decade make up approximately one quarter of our alumni constituency. As a G.O.L.D., you can stay connected to and engaged with your alma mater in a variety of ways, including participation in social activities, networking, student mentoring, philanthropic efforts and much more.


YAC Rock Hill

Young Alumni Council

The Young Alumni Council (YAC) strives to keep Graduates of the Last Decade connected to their alma mater and strengthen the relationship between Winthrop's campus and all young alumni. YAC leaders are involved with a variety of events and initiatives that promote philanthropy and networking, including the Day of Giving, Senior Week, and regional events.


Interested in volunteering?

As a YAC leader, you would:

  • Encourage a culture of philanthropy from young alumni.
  • Engage young alumni in Day of Giving activities, including regional socials, on-campus activities and online. 
  • Facilitate opportunities for young alumni to connect with incoming and current students.
  • Collaborate with the Alumni Association on Senior Week to welcome graduates into their young alumni phase.
  • Encourage young alumni participation in alumni events, including Alumni Chapters, the Virtual Alumni Book Club and Homecoming and Reunion.
  • Attend the annual Volunteers' Conference and quarterly Alumni Volunteer Zoom calls.

YAC Charleston

YAC leaders in areas with high concentrations of Winthrop alumni may serve as regional representatives to the council, and others may serve as at-large members. For more information, or to volunteer with the Young Alumni Council, please e-mail Maggie McPherson, Student and Young Alumni Program Coordinator, at