Winthrop University: E-mail Request Form

Division of Advancement E-mail Request Form

Emails can be deployed from Winthrop to communicate events and information to alumni, faculty, or staff and will be approved by University Communications and Marketing. The data for the emails will be pulled by Advancement Services. Email addresses will not be shared with the requestor to protect the privacy of our constituents. Emails deployed by Winthrop must adhere to university style. 

Please submit your e-mail request a minimum of 10 business days before the desired deployment date. Submissions received less than 10 business days prior to the target release date may be delayed or rejected.

Requestor Information

Primary Role

Target Audience

Please note all outbound e-mails will exclude constituents who are deceased or inactive, have opted out of all e-mails or certain types of communications, have privacy restrictions, or those with invalid e-mail addresses.

Complete only the fields below that apply to the target audience for your message.

E-mail Setup

Example: Winthrop Alumni Association

When possible, use a generic e-mail address rather than an account associated with a specific person. Automatic replies and bounced e-mails will be delivered to the e-mail address provided. For example, use or rather than

Example: Class of 1967 to Celebrate 50th Reunion Nov. 17-18

University Advancement and Communications and Marketing reserve the right to edit all submissions prior to use in electronic communications. Keep your email subject lines to 50 characters or less, except for highly targeted messages. Avoid words like "free", "help", and special characters like $, &, #, and @. Good subject lines use timely topics and create a sense of urgency, but not an emergency.

E-mail Content

The content of your message should be concise but personable. Be sure to include language that allows readers to clearly identify the call-to-action (e.g., Register Now) in your message.

Mass e-mail systems do not allow attachments of any kind. A hyperlink in the email text can direct readers to any content that cannot be sent as an attachment. For example, “attached newsletter” should be “Read the latest newsletter.”

Videos, newsletters, and surveys linked to the content of your message must be reviewed by Communications and Marketing.

Please send any media including images (.jpg, .png, .gif, or .eps), files (.pdf) or videos (e.g., YouTube) via e-mail to Be sure to include a reference to your e-mail request.


Last Updated: 10/5/22