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Stewart House - 1895

525 Eden Terrace


Stewart House Exterior

Stewart House Exterior


An example of the Classical Revival style of architecture, Stewart House was built in 1895 by Captain W.H. Stewart of Fort Mill, a prosperous farmer and member of the State House of Representatives from 1886-1890. Stewart moved into the new home soon after he donated his prior residence, now the President's House, as part of the city's bid to move Winthrop to Rock Hill. The university purchased the home upon Stewart's death in 1912 for $10,000. Known in those days as the Home Management House, the structure was used by seniors to practice the details of housekeeping, including purchasing, cooking, serving, cleaning, accounting, poultry raising, beekeeping, caring for the home and more.

The building has also been used more recently for the Alumni Association, the International Center, and Winthrop's Admissions Office and Visitors Center, as well as the S.C. Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention and Advancement.

Thanks to the generosity of Mrs. Betty Morgan Holcombe, Class of 1956, and her husband, Milton, the Stewart House in 2023 once again became home to the Winthrop Alumni Association and now is known as the Morgan-Holcombe Alumni Center at the Stewart House. The Winthrop University Foundation staff also became residents of the Stewart House. The Alumni Association works closely with the Louise Pettus Archives and Special Collections to incorporate pieces of Winthrop’s history and memorabilia into the Morgan-Holcombe Alumni Center.