Alumni E-mail Account

Winthrop alumni have two opportunities to establish alumni e-mail addresses, after graduation and upon request.

After Graduation: Winthrop Computing and Information Technology will send an e-mail to all recent graduates 6-8 weeks after Commencement with instructions on how to convert a student e-mail address to an alumni e-mail address. 

Upon Request: Alumni can request a Winthrop alumni e-mail address by contacting the Alumni Association at


E-Mail Compliance

For the safety and security of all e-mail accounts, please be advised of the following:

  • Winthrop Information Technology and Information Security requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to access all e-mail addresses.
    • Implementing MFA will add additional security to help keep your user account safe. MFA is an additional step added to a login process to help verify you are really you. If you have ever been to an ATM to make a transaction, you have used a version of MFA. You need two "factors" in order to make a transaction. You need your card (something you have) and you need the PIN (something you know) associated with that card. That is an example of using multiple factors.
    • According to a report by Microsoft, you are 99.9 percent less likely to have your account breached if you use MFA. The primary objective of MFA is to reduce the risk of account takeovers and provide additional security for users and their accounts. Since over 80 percent of cyber breaches happen due to weak or stolen passwords, MFA can provide added layers of security necessary to protect users and their data.
  • Add a recovery e-mail address to your e-mail account to ensure you receive important messages from Winthrop regarding your alumni e-mail account. 
  • e-mail accounts that have not been accessed for two years will be deactivated.

For questions, please e-mail the Alumni Association at