Post-Traditional/Adult Students

Winthrop's post-traditional student population includes all students who are 25 years or older, or any student who self-identifies based on personal characteristics. Our post-traditional students bring with them a wide variety of life, educational, and work experiences that allow them to be informed and contributing members of our educational community.

We know that earning a college degree isn't easy for adult students. With busy schedules, home and family responsibilities, and a career, you may wonder if you can make the necessary adjustments that come with continuing your education. At Winthrop, we believe you can. Our staff is committed to assisting you every step of the way. The success of our current post-traditional students is evidence that you can attain a degree.

Winthrop offers a wide variety of services and opportunities for our post-traditional students, and we encourage you to utilize these services. Here are some helpful links: