Transfer Credit Policy

Winthrop University, in general, accepts transfer course credit from other institutions of higher education. For complete policies related to transfer credit, please visit Records and Registration.

Minimum criteria for transfer credit includes:

  • The course work must have been taken at an institution that is accredited. 

  • The subject matter and the level of the course must be appropriate to Winthrop's general education curriculum or the program into which the student is transferring. 

  • The grade that is received for the course must be at least a C- or a grade with a minimum level equivalent to a C-.

Evaluation of Transfer Credit

The evaluation of transfer credit is conducted by the student services office in each college. Upon acceptance, a copy of your college transcript(s) is forwarded to the appropriate student services office as indicated by your choice of degree program on the admissions application. Contact the appropriate student services office and read more details about the evaluation process.

Prospective transfer students are welcome to contact their respective student services offices to discuss potential transfer credit. Prospective students also may utilize the links below to help tentatively assess what courses may transfer by utilizing the following services:

Additionally, many majors have existing guides of classes that students at SC Technical Colleges may take toward the Winthrop degree.  Please contact our office to discuss your intended major and be connected with the appropriate resources. 

Please be advised that final decisions regarding transfer credit are made by student services in each college. The sites above are meant as guides.