Post-Traditional/Adult Student Orientation

All post-traditional students are expected to attend an orientation session prior to their first semester of enrollment at Winthrop University. We feel it is imperative for all new post-traditional students to learn about all the opportunities available to them at Winthrop. Orientation is coordinated by the Office of New Student and Family Programs.  Read details about Winthrop's orientation.

Post-Traditional students will attend one of the Transfer Orientation sessions. Two versions of Transfer Orientation are offered: a Full Day session and an Advising and Registration Only session. We strongly encourage you to attend a Full Day Transfer Orientation session, as there is a wealth of information presented during those sessions tailored to your unique needs. Advising and Registration Only sessions are intended for students already familiar with Winthrop's campus and services.  


Transfer Fellows

As part of the orientation process, you will be assigned to a Transfer Fellow who can assist you in transitioning to Winthrop. A military, adult, and/or transfer student themselves, your Transfer Fellow can answer questions and help you navigate campus.  Your Transfer Fellow will also contact you several times during your first semester on campus to make sure you're transitioning well.  He or she also will host a variety of events throughout the semester designed with your needs in mind.

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