Transfer Fellows

Transitioning to college life can be challenging. We are committed to providing you with a great experience as you begin your studies at Winthrop University.  Our Transfer Fellows (TFs) are here to assist you!  These students serve in a dual role - during Orientation they'll guide you through your experience, and then during the semester are available to serve as a resource to you as you navigate Winthrop.


Your Transfer Fellows

As a part of Orientation and Welcome Week, you'll be matched up with a Transfer Fellow -  who is a transfer student committed to assisting you in your Winthrop experience! Transfer Fellows serve as a connection to campus by participating in Orientation, hosting social events throughout the semester to help you build relationships, and answering any questions you may have about campus life.  

As a transfer student, you have specific concerns and questions about your Winthrop experience.  Who better to ask than another student who has been in your shoes?  The TFs are available during the semester to meet and chat about your experience. Getting connected with them is as easy as contacting our office!


Become a Transfer Fellow

University College Student Services recruits for the Transfer Fellow position during the Fall semester. These student leadership positions serve to assist transfer students in their transition to and during their time at Winthrop University. These students work with the Office of New Student and Family Programs in the implementation of Spring, Summer, and Fall Orientations and Welcome Week/Weekend. Then, during the academic semesters they develop and implement social and educational programs for our populations. A stipend is provided for these positions. Students interested in learning more about the position should contact the office.