Post-Traditional/Adult Students

Meet a Student

Hello! My name is Teena Allen and I graduated from Winthrop with a Social Work major. Anyone who knows me knows that I refer to Winthrop as a "magical place". Education truly comes alive here; the holistic approach to education with Winthrop's Touchstone courses stretch students in a way that prepares them to investigate some of life's biggest questions. Winthrop teaches students how they relate to the world, and most importantly empowerment. We are given the opportunity to explore career options. The Center for Career Development and Internships is here to ensure we are knowledgeable about all areas of interests, as it relates to a career and volunteer opportunities. The counselors there provide great strategies and direction for students who are looking for internship opportunities and employment. The education structure here is empowering. It is a wonderful partnership where Winthrop provides a solid foundation for students to fully engage.

  Profile: Allen, Teena

I was also very impressed with Winthrop's initiative to provide support for post-traditional students. University College Academic Advising provides a level of support that is specific to the needs of adults. Upon enrolling, you will never feel alone as there are staff members available to assist you through the entire process. They also provide workshops and career readiness instruction that is very useful to adults returning to work after school. I am always stopping in to visit or checking out what new events are going on. Taking advantage of the services offered by University College Academic Advising is a great way to get and stay connected at school. They also have family-friendly events and encourage families to get involved.

If you are looking for a school that surpasses preparing you to get a job, but prepares you to find your passion, your core in a field of study, then choose Winthrop. Here you will discover more about yourself than you could ever imagine.