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Applying for Housing

FAQ question How do I apply for housing?

FAQ Answer   New students will receive an application packet through the mail about 2-3 weeks after being admitted to the university. The packet includes instructions on how to apply for housing online using the Eaglesnest Housing link found under Student Tools after signing in to Wingspan, including agreeing to the online contract. Returning resident students will select a room during Eaglesnest Online Room Selection in the spring. Continuing students who do not currently live on campus need to visit the Department of Residence Life and fill out a Housing Preference Form and Residence Hall Contract. Students who would like to apply to live in The Courtyard at Winthrop need to come to the Department of Residence Life to complete an application. There is a $25 non-refundable application fee needed to apply for The Courtyard at Winthrop.

FAQ question When should I reserve campus housing?

FAQ Answer  New students should apply for housing once they receive a housing information packet in the mail.

FAQ question How much does it cost to live on campus?

FAQ Answer  Please visit our rates page for our current housing rates.

FAQ question Do you have a residency requirement?

 FAQ Answer Yes, first and second year students have a two year commitment to live on campus. By living on campus, students have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish lifelong friendships, to participate in exciting activities and to feel truly connected to the university. The added convenience of living close to classes, dining and support services, make on-campus living at Winthrop the ideal environment to live, learn and lead. Exceptions to the freshman and sophomore residency commitment may be made for married or non-traditional age freshman and for those who continue to live with parents or legal guardians while commuting to campus from 50 or fewer miles away. If you qualify for an exemption, the exemption form is required and can be found on the Additional Information page.

FAQ question How do you match roommates if I do not request one?

FAQ Answer  Roommates will be matched based on the preferences indicated on the Housing Preference Form or Eaglesnest Online Application.

FAQ question How can I request a roommate if I have already submitted my housing application?

FAQ Answer Both you and your requested roommate each need to update your roommate request online using Eaglesnest. You can access Eaglesnest Housing through your Wingspan account. In order to be assigned with a requested roommate we MUST receive mutual requests from each student. Although we strive to accommodate all requests, we cannot guarantee that your roommate request will be honored.

FAQ question When will I receive my housing assignment?

FAQ Answer Room assignments for newly admitted spring students will be sent in late December.  Room assignments for newly admitted students entering in the fall will be sent via e-mail sometime in June.

FAQ question When are we informed of our roommate and can we contact them beforehand?

FAQ Answer Your roommate's information will be sent along with your room assignment. We strongly encourage you to contact your roommate. We will furnish your roommate's name, e-mail address, and phone number.

FAQ question Can I cancel my Residence Hall Contract?

FAQ Answer The Residence Hall Contract is a legally binding document. Details on cancellation and cancellation fees can be found on the contract under Article II. You may download and review the Residence Hall Contract on Eaglenest Housing.

 FAQ question Do all freshman live in the same residence hall?

FAQ Answer Winthrop does not have any all freshman halls. The majority of new students are assigned to Margaret Nance. This residence hall provides the best opportunity for new students to meet and interact with each other, which makes the transition to college easier. We make every effort to assign new freshman together in rooms as long as we have empty rooms available. When empty rooms are unavailable, freshman are assigned with returning students. The earlier you return your completed housing application, the more likely you are to be assigned with another freshman.  

Preparing for Move In

FAQ question What should I bring with me to school?

FAQ Answer You will need to furnish your own linens and pillow. The beds require extra long twin sheets. You may want to bring a container to carry accessories to and from the bathroom if you will be living in Margaret Nance. Closet and dresser space is limited so we suggest you bring only the clothes you need for a season. Other suggested items are: an iron, an alarm clock; hangers, an umbrella, etc. Those in Thomson, Lee Wicker, Phelps, and The Courtyard at Winthrop will need bathroom cleaning supplies. Keep in mind there are several department stores in Rock Hill where these items can be purchased.

FAQ question  What things are prohibited in the Residence halls?

FAQ Answer You should leave candles, "George Foreman" type grills (or other open plate heating devices), pets (other than fish), and halogen lights at home because they are prohibited on campus. The university provides a MicroFridge so students may not bring a refrigerator or microwave. Please read the detailed chart of approved electronic & cooking devices form (PDF - 104 KB).  Due to the continued national safety concerns with "hoverboard" self-balancing electric scooters; particularly their tendency to spontaneously catch on fire, these devices are prohibited in the residence halls.

FAQ question What size are the beds in the residence hall?

FAQ Answer The beds in the residence halls are extra long twin beds (80" x 36"). They require extra long twin sheets.

FAQ question Do you have accommodations for students with disabilities?

FAQ Answer Please visit the Office of Accessibility website for more information.

FAQ question Can I bring a refrigerator or microwave to my residence hall?

FAQ Answer All rooms are equipped with a MicroFridge so personal refrigerators and microwaves are prohibited.

FAQ question What is your policy on putting nails in the walls for pictures, etc.?

FAQ Answer Regardless of how you hang posters, you need to return your room to its original condition prior to your move-out.  Residence Life will charge students at the end of the school year for nails or nail holes in walls.  We also charge for tape or putty marks.  There are adhesive products on the market that theoretically do not mark the walls, but the university does not guarantee their claim. 

FAQ question When can I move into my room?

FAQ Answer Please visit our calendar page for dates and times designated for move in.

FAQ question How should mail be addressed to students?

FAQ Answer 
US Postal Service: 
Student Name
PO Box Number
2020 Alumni Drive
Rock Hill, SC 29733

Common Carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc):
Student Name
PO Box Number
2020 Alumni Drive
Rock Hill, SC  29733

All mail coming to students must have their PO box number included, even Fed Ex, UPS, or any other services that deliver to us.  The  residence hall is not necessary.

FAQ question If someone wants to send me flowers how do they send them?

FAQ Answer We recommend that you use a local Rock Hill florist.  If you give the florist the residence hall and your telephone number, the hall office will call you to let you know that there is a delivery.

FAQ question What do I need to do if I bring a car to campus?

FAQ Answer In order to park on campus a parking permit must be purchased through the Winthrop University Police Department. Parking passes can also be purchased on the Parking Permits Request page.  For general parking regulations, please visit the Winthrop University Police Department website.

During the Semester

FAQ question How do I gain access to my residence hall?

FAQ Answer All residence halls have 24 hour ID card access. Your student ID will be programmed to allow you to enter your residence hall at the designated door. After 8:00pm, only the main entrance of the residence hall is accessible.

FAQ question What are the visitation options for my residence hall?

FAQ Answer Visitation options differ in each residence hall. Please view our Guest Policy (PDF-48 KB).

FAQ question When can I change my room?

FAQ Answer Room changes can be made anytime during office hours beginning  at 2:00 PM on the Friday after classes begin each semester.

Please be aware that if you make a room change, you are committed to that room for 30 days.

FAQ question Can we change rooms during the year?

FAQ Answer Winthrop has a liberal room change policy. As long as the move is approved in advance by the Department of Residence Life, moves can take place after the first week of classes as space permits.

FAQ question How much does it cost to do laundry?

FAQ Answer Laundry is free for all residents.

FAQ question How do I know a laundry machine is available?

FAQ Answer Visit LaundryView to view real-time images of the laundry rooms on campus. You will be able to see when a washer and dryer is available and even set up LaundryView to text you when your laundry is done!

FAQ question How do I get something repaired in my room?

FAQ Answer  If you have a MicroFridge repair request please visit our repair request page. If you have another type of repair request please inform your Resident Assistant or a hall office staff member.  Please also see how to submit work requests for more information.

FAQ question If I am a smoker, where do I smoke?

FAQ Answer Smoking is not permitted in any campus building. Smoking is allowed in designated outdoor smoking areas. To view the locations of the smoking areas please view this map.

FAQ question I am not getting along with my roommate, what should I do?

FAQ Answer You should seek assistance from your Resident Assistant or Residential Success Coordinator (RSC).

FAQ question I want to get engaged in the campus community. What are my resources?

FAQ Answer There are many ways to get involved and take full advantage of the Winthrop Experience. Students should visit the Student Organizations website for a full listing of all the clubs and organizations at Winthrop.

FAQ question What if I need to move out of my room before the end of the semester?

FAQ Answer You need to notify the Department of Residence Life immediately. You will also need to complete the check-out procedure with your Resident Assistant and return your key. Failure to properly check-out or return your key will result in a charge to your student account.

End of Semester

FAQ question Do I need to take everything home at the end of the Fall Semester?

FAQ Answer If you are living in the residence halls during the fall semester and plan to return to your same room for the spring semester, you do not need to move out of your room. We do recommend that you take any valuable items home with you during the break as the University cannot be responsible for any items that are lost or stolen.

If you are not returning to Winthrop or have made a room change for the spring semester you will be required to move out of your room at the end of the fall semester. Please follow all guidelines provided by the residence life staff for proper checkout procedures and deadlines. 

FAQ question Do I need to take everything home at the end of the Spring Semester?

FAQ Answer Yes, you will need to move everything out of your room and complete the check-out procedure with a Resident Assistant before leaving at the end of the spring semester. 

FAQ question What do I need to do when moving out of my room?

FAQ Answer You need to make sure that you check out with your Resident Assistant and turn in your room key. If you do not check out properly or do not return your key you will be fined.

FAQ question When do I have to move out of my room?

FAQ Answer Students need to be moved out by 9:00am the day after final exams are over. Graduating students are allowed to stay until 6:00pm the day of graduation.



FAQ question Will my room have a computer connection?

FAQ Answer Yes, all residence halls have access to the Winthrop University wireless network. 

FAQ question Where can I find more information on the technology resources on campus?

FAQ Answer  You can take a look at the Student Technology Handbook (PDF - 941 KB) or visit the Computing and Internet Technology website.