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Central Staff

Residence Life Staff

Each residence hall is staffed with trained resource people who can provide residents with the information and guidance they need to be successful residential students at Winthrop University. It is important to understand that the guidance offered should  never be considered legal or medical advice, as our staff are not trained to provide such services.



Director of Residence Life

Office: 237 DiGiorgio
Phone: 803/323-2223


Howard Seidler
Director of Student Affairs Operations
Office: 237 DiGiorgio


Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Residence Education
Office: 237 DiGiorgio
Phone: 803/323-2223                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Deborah Wells
Administrative Assistant
Office: 237 DiGiorgio
Phone: 803/323-2223

Assistant Director of Residence Life (A.D.)

There are two full time, professional, live-in Assistant Directors of Residence Life who are responsible for staff development and residential education. They each work out of a residence hall office and supervise the overall operations of several buildings and the staff working within them. Our Assistant Director for Assignments and Administration works in the main Residence Life office.


Dawn Sayer
Assistant Director of Residence Life for Assignments and Administration
Office: 237 DiGiorgio
Phone: 803/323-2223


Julianne Schrader
Assistant Director of Residence Life for Staff Development
Office: Margaret Nance 103


John Timmons
Assistant Director of Residence Life for Residential Education
Office: West Thomson 147

Residential Success Coordinators (R.S.C.)

Our halls are home to full time, professional, live-in Residential Success Coordinators (one in each hall, except Roddey) who are responsible for supervision of student staff, facilities, disciplinary issues, community building through programming, and advising hall council.


Trayton Graham
Residential Success Coordinator, The Courtyard at Winthrop
Academic Associate
Office: Courtyard 101


Devin Holder

Residential Success Coordinator, Lee Wicker Hall
Academic Associate
Office: Lee Wicker 135


Tyler Cooper
Residential Success Coordinator, Margaret Nance Hall, Roddey Hall
Academic Associate
Office: Margaret Nance 101


Precious Thompson
Residential Success Coordinator, Phelps Hall
Academic Associate
Office: Phelps 138


Anna Rau
Residential Success Coordinator, Thomson Hall
Academic Associate
Office: West Thomson 141

Resident Assistants (R.A.)

R.A.s are undergraduate students who are assigned to a floor or section of each building. R.A.s are resource people who provide information and opportunities to engage in programming, promote a community atmosphere in the hall, and enforce policies as necessary. They are trained to help students adjust to residence hall living by understanding campus services available to students. When responding to crisis situations or medical emergencies, R.A.s understand the need to call the Winthrop University Police Department for assistance.

Hall Office Staff

Each residence hall office is staffed during various times of the day (posted at hall offices) by students trained to assist with questions, work requests, or room key issues.