Recreational Services Fields

This student use facility, located at the Winthrop Recreational and Research Complex features two lighted recreational fields and a building that meets multiple needs for Intramural and Club Sports.

These fields are used for intramural sports such as Flag Football and Soccer. The Recreational Services fields are also used for Club Sports such as Women's Soccer, Men's and Women's Lacrosse, Rugby and Ultimate Frisbee. Club Sports teams use the fields daily for practices and games against other schools in the area.

The first floor of the building located between the fields has storage for each club sports team as well as storage for intramurals. The second level features office space and a meeting room for the Office of Recreational Services along with an observation deck overlooking both fields.


Rec Fields


Sand Volleyball Courts


Sand Volleyball Courts


Disc Golf Course

Winthrop University's disc golf course is located at Winthrop Lake next to the recreational fields and sand volleyball courts. Winthrop University offers two challenging courses for those who are interested in playing disc golf. The Lake Course, the shorter of the two, is an 18-hole walk around the beautiful sight of Winthrop Lake. For throwers who are just beginning or who want to play for the enjoyment of the game, this course might be the one for you.  The Gold Course is one of the most challenging courses in the area. Some of the best disc golfers from around the world show up each year to play this course and participate in the U.S. Disc Golf Championships, which is hosted by Winthrop University. The 9,800 ft course will lead you on an adventure around the Winthrop Recreational and Research Complex area.  If you want to challenge yourself and test your skills, this course is for you. The Office of Recreational Services hosts its annual disc golf tournament on the Winthrop Lake Course each fall semester.

Select a course for scorecards:

Winthrop Lake Course (pdf - 1.52 MB)            
Winthrop Gold Course (pdf - 218 KB)


Disc Course 1   Disc Course 2   Disc Course 3