Winthrop University: Human Resources - Employment-Temporary

Temporary Employment

Generally, a temporary employee is hired for short-term project-based work or to fill-in for the long-term absence of a regular employee.  Most temporary employees (other than faculty) work on an hourly basis, must be paid no less than the current minimum wage, and are paid overtime for any hours worked over forty in a workweek.

Step 1:  To be completed by the selected candidate before the offer is made.

Step 2:  Duties of the Hiring department

  • Complete an ePAF (electronic Personnel Action Form)
    • Access the ePAF system and initiate the ePAF
    • If you do not have access to the ePAF system, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 803-323-2273 or by email at for assistance.
    • An ePAF needs to make it through all of the required approvals BEFORE an OFFICIAL job offer is made to the potential candidate.  An ePAF received after the employee has begun work will subject the University to federal fines and punishment for non-compliance with I-9/E-Verify and other legal requirements.
  • A Temporary Position Description form needs to be completed for a new temporary position or one that has had a change in duties.
    • Positions that pay less than $684 per week are non-exempt and must be paid on an hourly basis.  Non-exempt positions are subject to minimum wage and overtime regulations.
    • For questions as to whether a position is exempt or non-exempt, please contact the Office of Human Resources.
  • Send Application, Background Check Consent Form, and Position Description to the Office of Human Resources.

Step 3:  Paperwork to be completed by the employee after an offer of employment has been made.  To be done on or before the employee's first day of employment.

  • Form I-9/E-Verify
    • Review and follow the procedures for completing the I-9 Forms and E-Verify 
    • Employee needs to complete Section 1
    • Department needs to complete Section 2 and complete the E-Verify
    • Write case # at top and attach two-page case details
  • W-4 (employee's tax withholding form)
  • SC W-4 (South Carolina employee's tax withholding form)
  • Payroll Direct Deposit details need to be set up via Wingspan, any questions should be directed to the Payroll Office @ 119 Tillman Hall or by phone at 323-2271
  • New Hire Information includes basic demographic and emergency contact information (pdf 107kb)
  • Wingspan access - to log work/leave hours and view job/employment details (request access here if you do not have a Winthrop email account)
  • Harassment and Discrimination Prevention training - Winthrop email/WIN account required
  • South Carolina Retirement System (SCRS)
  • Send the completed paperwork to the attention of Tanya Pettus in the Office of Human Resources
  • The Banner Security form is for signature by all employees who have access to student records in the Banner/Wingspan systems, including any adjunct faculty. Once signed, this form should be returned to the Office of Records and Registration
  • The Generic Security Policy is for signature by all employees who have access to student records but do not have Banner or Wingspan access. These signed forms should be returned to the Office of Records and Registration.

Step 4:  Additional Information and Policies to be given to new employees

Last Updated: 6/20/22