CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion is an initiative signed by Dr. Serna which is a commitment for employers to:

  1. cultivate environments that support open dialogue on complex – and often difficult – conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion,
  2. implement and expand unconscious/implicit bias education and training,
  3. share best-known diversity, equity and inclusion programs/initiatives, and
  4. engage board of directors when developing and evaluating DEI strategies.

Part of the initiative is Winthrop’s annual Day of Understanding, which is held each year in April or May. The purpose of the event is for faculty and staff to gain understanding about the cultures and experiences of different diverse communities.

Winthrop President Edward Serna speaks at a podium beside the table of panelists at
                        the 2023 Day of Understanding eventA group photo of Winthrop Faculty and StaffWinthrop Staff laughing while going through the buffet line at the 2023 Day of Understanding