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Student Academic Services

Forms & Policies

You may pick up these forms in Student Academic Services (144 Withers) or simply click on the form that you need and print it from this page. Return all completed forms to Student Academic Services.


See Virtual Processes.


    This form is used for any student wishing to request permission to take additional coursework beyond the Internship II course, a program area capstone course, and EDUC 410.

    Request for Course with Internship Procedures (pdf - 78 KB)

    Request for Course with Internship Form (pdf -75 KB)

    Open for Summer and Fall 2020!

    This online form will collect information related to override requests and direct you to the appropriate individuals and processes to handle your request.

    Override Form


    To address and resolve academic complaints as quickly as possible, all students are encouraged to address their complaints initially to the office or individual responsible for overseeing the immediate area causing the concern. In a situation where the informal resolution process does not result in a satisfactory outcome for the student, he/she may submit a formal written complaint to the chair of the department. The complaint should be submitted no later than the end of the semester for which the matter in question arose. Please use the form provided below. The student may submit the complaint in a separate, narrative document, but it must follow the topics on the form and be signed and dated.

    Student Complaint Form For College-Level Academic Complaints (pdf - 11 KB)

    For non-academic complaints please refer to the university policy on student complaint procedures for guidance.

    SPRING 2020 Virtual Process:

    College of Education students that need to change major, minor, or concentration should email (from account) the following information to  Note the subject of your email should indicate: Virtual Change of Curriculum Form.

    Required Information:

    Full Name


    Contact Phone Number

    Current Major, Minor, Concentration

    Requested Change (include all information that needs to change)

    If catalog year change is requested indicate current and requested academic years.

    Paper Process when Campus Reopens

    This form is to be used when a student changes their catalog year or changes, adds, or removes a major, minor, or concentration area.

    Change of Curriculum Form (pdf - 445 KB)

    COE Petition Procedures (pdf - 81 KB)

    The deadlines to submit general appeals are as follows:

    • August 1
    • November 15
    • April 15

    The deadline for appeals regarding graduation is the Thursday before Fall/Spring commencement.

      Any student wishing to request an exception to stated program admission requirements, an internship admission requirement, or a teacher education policy must make such an appeal in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the Educator Preparation Committee (EPC). 

      Petition for Teacher Education Programs (pdf - 83 KB)

      This form is used for any student wishing to request an exception to stated program requirements for Athletic Training, Sport Management, Exercise Science, or Human Development and Family Studies.

      Petition for Sport, Human Performance, and Human Development Programs (pdf - 80 KB)

    SPRING 2020 Virtual Process:

    College of Education students that need to request a course substitution should first discuss situation with advisor. If the advisor agrees, the advisor should email the following information to  Note the subject of your email should indicate: Course Substitution.

    Required Information:

    Full Name of student

    Student CWID

    Required course

    Substitute course

    Brief discussion as this will be sent to Department Chair for review


    Paper Process when Campus Reopens

    This form is for substituting one class for another to fill a required prerequisite for graduation.

    Undergraduate Course Substitution Form (pdf - 64 KB)

    This form serves as written approval of the student's advisor and dean's designee prior to registration for courses taken at another institution.  See Undergraduate Catalog for additional information.

    Approval to Transfer Credit Form (pdf - 219 KB)

    This form is applicable to students in undergraduate and MAT teacher education programs. Any faculty member may file an Individual Report if a student's suitability to enter or continue in a teacher education program is questioned. Faculty are encouraged to use this form in instances where there are concerns about a student's dispositions and skills outlined in the Professional Dispositions and Skills Criteria.

    Individual Report Form (pdf - 22 KB)

    Professional Dispositions and Skills Intervention Procedures (pdf - 104 KB)

    This form is for students wishing to drop a course, add a course, or take a course on a S/U basis.

    Schedule Change Form (pdf - 87 KB)

     If you are an HDFS major and are interested in charging the CFLE application fee to your Winthrop student account, please follow the below procedures during the semester BEFORE your final semester

    1.       Complete, print and sign the CFLE Voucher Form (111 kb)

    2.       Complete, print and sign the CFLE Approved Program Application Form (285 kb)

    3.       Complete, print and sign the CFLE Code of Ethics Form (187 kb)

    4.       Complete, print and sign the WU Transcript Request Form (302 kb)**, and finally,

    5.       Bring all above documentation to Withers 204 to the attention of Ms. Curlene Moise/Dr. Patricia Arter.

    **If you have any outstanding financial holds on your account at the end of your final semester when the transcript request is made, WU will NOT release your transcripts; therefore, this process cannot be completed until all holds are satisfied.

Last Updated: 6/23/20