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Information on Teacher Education Program Testing Requirements


Testing Requirement - Basic Skills

All undergraduate Teacher Education students, including Educational Studies minors, must meet a testing requirement for admission to the Teacher Education program. The expectations are set by the South Carolina State Board of Education in accord with national standards. The undergraduate Teacher Education students are encouraged to meet the testing requirement before the beginning of the second year as some loan forgiveness programs such as the SC Teacher Loan and TEACH Grant require the testing requirement as a condition of award after the first year.


Subject-Specific Certification Exam

Undergraduate and MAT-Traditional candidates must meet the minimum subject-specific testing requirements before the Internship II experience. MAT-Accelerated candidates must meet the minimum subject-specific testing requirements before admission to the graduate program.


edTPA Assessment

The edTPA Assessment is a performance-based portfolio that requires candidates to present the planning, instruction, and assessment for a short unit during the Internship II experience.  The edTPA assessment meets the South Carolina pedagogy assessment requirement.