CBT Mission

The College of Business and Technology delivers transformative education to the most diverse student body in the heart of the Carolinas.  The College will promote student success with professional development, innovative programs, experiential learning, and regional partnerships, through quality instruction, applied and pedagogical research, and impactful service.


Transformative Principles


Student Success: The College is thoroughly committed to the success of its students through quality instruction, incorporating experiential learning opportunities into programs, and providing assistance in placement.

Professional Development: The College will deliver a multi-faceted student professional development program that includes both in-class and out-of-class training, practice, and experiences.

Innovative Programs: The College will develop innovative programs that addresses the needs both of its students and its regional partners.

Experiential Learning: Students will have opportunities to participate in co-ops, internships, field projects in courses, independent studies, international trips, and study abroad.

Regional Partnerships: We will promote the success of regional business and community organizations.  Additionally, we will work with these partners to develop internship and placement opportunities for our students.

Quality Instruction: To keep pace with rapidly changing disciplinary knowledge, faculty members will maintain currency with their discipline and continuously develop their skills and abilities.  To this end, faculty members will be engaged in academic and practitioner organizations, develop and enhance linkages with the business community, local government, area schools, and other colleges and universities.

Applied and Pedagogical Research: The College will encourage and support faculty to conduct applied and pedagogical research to maintain currency and relevancy of knowledge for serving the needs of students and its local and regional partners.

Impactful Service:  The faculty, staff and administrators of the College will serve the diverse needs of its local and regional partners, the University, and professional academic organizations.