Winthrop University: Faculty and Staff Directory

College of Business Administration

CBA Faculty and Staff Directory


Saksena, P.N. - Dean of the College of Business Administration 
Garrison, Chlotia - Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Valdez, Vanessa - Director of Student Services
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Accreditation
Director of External Relations and Institute of Management
Data Management Coordinator

Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics

Cordis, Adriana - Accounting, Department Chair
Gibson, Philip - Finance, Financial Planning-Director
Lewis, Willis - Economics
Maas, Jayne - Accounting
Moellman, Nicholas - Economics
Randle, Charles - Accounting
Richards, Hannah - Accounting
Shen, Yi (Shirley)Finance
Tarabar, Danko - Economics
Wang, GangEconomics


Department of Computer Science and Quantitative Methods 

Besmer, Andrew - Computer Science and Cybersecurity
Dannelly, Stephen - Computer Science, Department Chair
Doman, Marguerite - Computer Science
Garrison, Chlotia - Computer Science
Hahn, Maureen - Business Analytics
Ilson, RichardComputer Science
Romanova, Anna - Quantitative Methods
Scibelli, David - Computer Science and Cybersecurity
Thacker, William - Computer Science 
Whitney, Michael - Digitial Information Design-Director
Wiegand, Paul - Computer Science 

Department of Management and Marketing

Carsten, Melissa - Human Resource Management
Frankforter, Steve - Management
Griggs, Tracy - Human Resource Management
Guidry, Terri - Management
Jackson, Joanna - Healthcare Management
Klimchak, Malayka - Human Resource Management
Lawson, Stephanie - Marketing
Matthews, Michael - Healthcare Management-Director
Miller, Kent - Business Law
Patwardhan, Hemant - Marketing
Peters, Cara - Marketing
Robbins, Keith - Management, Department Chair
Stevens, Larry - Management
Thomas, Jane - Marketing


Adjunct Faculty 

Brown, Charlotte - Management
Carroll, Kris - Finance
Edwards, Pamela - Economics
Emerson, Harry - Accounting
Guilbaud, Patrick - Management
Johnson, Chris - Management
Kopp, Bradley - Finance
Miles, Jennifer - Entrepreneurship
Mosely, Jackie - Accounting
Namowicz, Scott - Management
Pastryk, John - Management
Proctor, John - Economics
Rouda, John - Digital Information Design
Stone, Gary - Economics
Ullrich, Laura - Economics
Walters, James - Economics
Weikle, Roger - Management
Zatz, David - Marketing




Biggerstaff, Ann - Executive Support - ext 6273
Holloman, Christopher - Dean's Office - ext 6274
Kesler, Sarah  - Student Services - ext 6352
LeMasters, AdreannaStudent Services - ext 6297
Dean's Office - ext 6272


Emeritus Faculty

Roger D. Weikle, Dean Emeritus
Jerry H. Padgett, Dean Emeritus
Charles E. Alvis, Professor of Accounting  
Earnest R. Archer, Professor of Management
Sidney C. Bennett III, Associate Professor of Marketing
Keith Benson, Professor of Healthcare Management
David Bradbard, Professor of Management 
Robert Breakfield, Professor of Business Law
Jack Bresenham, Professor of Computer Science
James G. Bond, Professor of Accounting, deceased 
Barbara Burgess-Wilkerson, Professor of Management
Patrice C. Burleson, Assistant Professor of Management
Qidong "Jordan" Cao, Professor of Quantitative Methods
Clarence J. Coleman, Professor of Accounting  
Robert Cooper, Professor of Economics
James Crook, Professor of Computer Science
Frederick Duncan, Associate Professor of Finance
Barbara K. Fuller, Professor of Marketing  
William Grigsby, Jr., Associate Professor of Accounting
Toby Haynsworth, Professor of Quantitative Methods
Robert S. Kline, Professor of Management and Business Communication
C. Angela Letourneau, Professor of Accounting
David E. Letourneau, Associate Professor of Accounting
Richard L. Morris, Professor of Quantitative Methods
Lou Pantuosco, Professor of Economics 
Gerald Perselay, Professor of Management
Emma Jane Riddle, Professor of Management  
John E. Robbins, Associate Professor of Marketing
J. Marilyn Smith, Professor of Management
Martha Spears, Professor of Management
Gary L. Stone, Professor of Economics
Robert Stonebraker, Associate Professor of Economics
Edna Ward, Associate Professor of Business Communication
Han Vo, Associate Professor of Economics, deceased 

Last Updated: 12/13/22