World Languages and Cultures

General Information on the Programs

Undergraduate Programs


The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers a B.A. in French or Spanish. Students are encouraged to minor in an area that complements their major area of study. This might be a second language or an area related to future career plans (for example, Business, English, Political Science, etc.)

The requirement for the B.A. in French or Spanish is 36 semester hours above the elementary level. Required courses include an introduction to literature, one survey of literature, a culture/civilization class, and at least one course at the advanced undergraduate level. Competency in basic language skills must be demonstrated after completion of 18 hours of work above the elementary level. Before graduating, majors must also take the Oral Proficiency Interview

Teacher Certification

Students also may choose to seek certification to teach on the elementary school and secondary school levels. Instead of completing a minor, students in this program complete the Professional Education Sequence. Teacher certification programs are available in French and Spanish.

For more information about the Teacher Certification in World Languages Program, please contact Dr. Valerie Jepson


A minor in French, German, or Spanish requires 18 semester hours above the elementary level, six of which must be above the 299-level.  

Graduate Programs

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