World Languages and Cultures

What doors can language study open for you?

There are many valuable reasons to study a world language! Here are some recent articles outlining how knowing a foreign language can open doors for you:

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With a major or minor in a foreign language, students can offer a potential employer unique skills that are more and more in demand. Students are encouraged to complement their language study with a concentration in business, or the liberal or fine arts. The growth of international business and the need for employees with a global perspective serve to make graduates in foreign languages highly sought in the job market.

For those who prefer to stay in an academic setting, an undergraduate concentration in a foreign language opens the way for graduate studies in teaching English to speakers of other languages, traditional graduate programs in a foreign language, law, political science, and many other graduate degrees.

Endless Possibilities

Personnel with language skills are needed in many different types and places of work. The demand is apparent in seven major areas:

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