World Languages and Cultures

Message from the Chair


Nǐ hǎo!Scott Shinabargar


Welcome to Winthrop and to the Department of World Languages and Cultures website. We offer classes in four languages: French, German, Latin, and Spanish. Students can complete a major in French or Spanish or minor in French, German, or Spanish. In addition, teacher certification programs are available in French and Spanish. 

Students who pursue studies in languages and cultures other than their own are granted unique access to the world beyond, able to make professional as well as personal connections otherwise unavailable in other disciplines. Not only is our diverse, international faculty committed to the development of superior communication skills, through one-on-one interaction, but we expose our students to rich cultural traditions through a variety of media and experiences, including Study Abroad. Our course offerings are diversifying as well, in order to help students apply their linguistic and multi-cultural competency to a variety of professions. 

If you have questions, please stop by and visit us. The department is located on the second floor of Kinard in room 237. Best wishes in your foreign language study.



Dr. Scott Shinabargar
Chair, Department of World Languages and Cultures