World Languages and Cultures

Global Learning Initiative Study Abroad

The Department of World Languages and Cultures actively participates in the campus-wide Global Learning Initiative.  Read more information about Winthrop's GLI. Our department encourages majors to include a study-abroad component in their degree program.  Please click on the appropriate link below for information on how to incorporate a semester abroad into available degree programs.

For a list of study abroad programs for world language students, please visit our Study Abroad page. 



France - Université de Bourgogne 

B.A. French - pdf, 282kb
B.A. French (with Teacher Certification) - pdf, 282kb



Argentina - Fundación Ortega y Gassett
Costa Rica - Veritas University
Spain - Universidad de Sevilla or Universidad Pablo de Olavide

B.A. Spanish - pdf, 282kb
B.A. Spanish (with Teacher Certification) - pdf, 282kb

Read more information about semester and year-long programs on the International Center website.