World Languages and Cultures

Career Opportunities



Foreign languages are an important asset to employment in journalism. A significant number of newspapers have indicated that foreign language skills are needed in the profession, and that a knowledge of languages spoken by local ethnic the advertising and circulation departments find a knowledge of foreign languages useful in dealing with advertisers and readers.

Radio & Television

There are over 300 radio stations throughout the U.S. that broadcast programs in foreign languages - French, German, Italian, Spanish, and many others with some stations producing language education programs. Language skills are needed by the program writers and announcers at these stations.


Film production is one of the most international of the arts in which technical skill and artistic talent transcend national boundaries. Writers, performers, executives, and technicians may need a foreign language in order to have a thorough knowledge of their subject, to communicate with the people being filmed, and with each other; to prepare scripts, or simply to get along in the foreign country where they are working.


Positions as editor, editorial assistant, copywriter, proofreader, technical writer, salesperson, and secretarial worker are available in the field of publishing. Foreign language skills are useful for the staffs of many publishing houses, especially those that market their books abroad or publish translations and foreign language textbooks.