Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology

The Minors


The minor in Sociology consists of 18 semester hours of SOCL: SOCL 101 or 201, and at least 15 additional hours in SOCL, six hours of which must be courses numbered above 299. Both SOCL 101 and 201 can be applied toward the minor requirements. Sociology minors are limited to a total of three hours credit in SOCL 463-464 or SOCL 340 towards the sociology minor.


The minor introduces the student to cultural and biological anthropology, and to archaeology, with a general focus on the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

The minor in Anthropology consists of 18 semester hours to include ANTH 201, ANTH 302, either ANTH 202 or 220, and 9 additional hours in Anthropology, 6 of which must be above 299. Anthropology minors may include no more than a total of 3 hours from any combination of ANTH 340, ANTH 463, and ANTH 464.

NOTE: If you are a sociology major with a concentration in anthropology you can not minor in anthropology.

Criminal Justice

The minor Criminal Justice consist of 18 semester hours: SOCL101, 227, and 325; 6 hours from SOCL 330, 335, 337, and 525; and three additional hours from ANTH 315, HLTH 501, PLSC 312, PSYC 313, SOCL 332, SOCL 463 and 464, and SOCL 507A and 507B