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Chair's Message

Welcome to the Department of Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology! As social scientists, we concern ourselves with the systematic study of social life and the application of knowledge to solve problems.  We study everything from social inequalities to social changes across time and place.

As you can see from the pictures below, we have some of the most innovative and interesting classes on campus! Our award-winning faculty are recognized experts in their fields, love teaching, and truly enjoy helping students develop their interests.  

arch dig Lab pic Brent's class

One of our strengths as a department is our flexibility. A lot of students don't know that they love sociology, anthropology, or criminology until they take a course in it, so we get a lot of majors transferring to us from other disciplines.  We make it easy for students to double major, study abroad or come in late to the major and still finish on time through our flexible course structure and online offerings. Another strength is career preparation.

We focus on graduating students with skills that employers value.  Our graduates have marketable research skills, are practiced at writing and oral presentations, know how to work in teams to solve problems, and respect and appreciate diversity.  We highly encourage research opportunities, study abroad, service learning, internships, and research with faculty, to prepare you for life beyond Winthrop. We also help you plan your unique path in our "Career Development" seminar and through one-on-one advising.

If you are a prospective or current student, please check out our course descriptions, our faculty, and the student resources available on our website. If you have further questions, feel free to e-mail me.


Dr. Brad Tripp
Interim Chair, Department Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology