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Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology

Career Information

Graduates will encounter broad career applicability in law, government policy analysis, urban planning, advocacy, corrections, crime investigation, non-profit and social service work, museums, cultural resource management, teaching, and/or research. The program actively encourages students to find their unique path through a career development course early in the major and a senior seminar course at the end of the major.

Career Development for Sociology Majors (SOCL 298)

The Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology Department offers programming that can be useful in a wide variety of employment contexts. It is important for you to be assertive about tailoring your college experience for either the job market or graduate school/law school/medical school. The department encourages you to identify future career goals and map out plans for achieving them. This one credit hour course exposes you to a variety of resources on campus including the office of Center for Career Development and Internships, research and internship opportunities, alumni and social science professionals in the area. Additionally, you will learn strategies for developing resilience in achieving your goals in the major, career and life.


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Last Updated: 8/20/20