Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology

Study Abroad

Today's diverse global societies and technological advances have made the need for global understanding and appreciation a crucial concept for today's college student. The department of Sociology and Anthropology encourages students to study abroad for a semester to learn more about the diverse social, political and economic systems that structure our world. We encourage students to seek and acknowledge varying perspectives of sociology, anthropology, as well as seek an understanding of themselves from an international perspective.

Sociology majors, and anthropology and criminal justice concentrates are well-suited to study abroad in either semester of their junior year of study.

Several institutions abroad offer study of sociological and anthropological concepts and ideas that are applicable to student's area of study and useful in American industries that will serve to only enhance a students collegiate experience. The following institutions have been identified as offerings courses in sociology, anthropology and criminal justice and related fields. Faculty in the department can also advise students on other study study abroad programs and institutions.

 Take a look at a few images from Alexis Evanofski's trip to Spain during her study abroad!