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Wiley Sociology named their most popular article of 2018 titled, "Does Undocumented Immigration Increase Violent Crime?" co-authored by Ty Miller, Ph.D. and Michael T. Light.

Dr. Chris Gillam recently traveled for his ongoing research on Ice Age cultures of northern Mongolia. Dr. Gillam and his international colleagues, has led to the discovery of 95 archaeological sites dating to the Upper Paleolithic Period, ca. 45,000-12,000 years old, along the tributaries of the Selenge River.

Dr. Rick Chacon collecting ethnographic data on secret societies from a Haida leader named Christian White, at Haida Gwaii, British Columbia.Dr. Chacon with Haida







 Fieldwork 2017









In fall 2017, the students of Anthropology 345, Fieldwork in Archaeology with Archaeologist Chris Gillam, discovered the location of field slave quarters at Historic Brattonsville. This is a very exciting and exceptional contribution to the history of the site.

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