Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology

Course Descriptions

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Recent graduates in sociology have secured positions in criminal justice, social work, city and urban planning, teaching, management, banking, sales and marketing. Others have gone on to pursue advanced studies in sociology, social work, criminal justice, urban planning, law and business administration.

Sociology (SOCL)

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology - Concentration in Anthropology

The department offers a 34 hour option in Anthropology. Students are exposed to all areas of specialization: cultural, biological, archaeology and linguistics. Students will be well grounded in a variety of social science methods. Careers include teaching, research and cultural research management. Recent course titles have included: Forensic Anthropology, Ecological Anthropology and Amerindian Warfare, Ethnography and Fieldwork, Native Peoples & Environment, and Ritual Violence.

Anthropology (ANTH)

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology - Concentration in Criminology

The department also offers a 34 hour option in criminology. This option provides training for a wide variety of occupations in corrections, law enforcement and the judiciary. Criminology does not focus on techniques of police investigation or other applied courses, but focuses on providing a broad liberal arts education. Courses include Criminology, Criminal and Juvenile Justice Systems, Law Enforcement and Social Control, and Corrections.

Sociology (SOCL)

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology- Concentration in Social Inequalities

The department also offers a 34 hour option in social inequalities. This option studies racial and ethnic relations, gender and sexuality, social class and economic analysis, as well as inequalities related to age and disability. In addition to the core course work in the major, the concentration requires four inequality electives (including SOCL 213), one advanced-level inequality elective, and three additional elective hours from any sociology or anthropology course.

Minor in Anthropology

The minor in Anthropology consists of 18 semester hours to include ANTH 201, ANTH 302, either ANTH 202 or 220, and 9 additional hours in Anthropology, six of which must be above 299. Anthropology minors may include no more than a total of three hours from any combination of ANTH 340, ANTH 463, and ANTH 464.

Minor in Sociology

The minor in Sociology consists of 18 semester hours of SOCL: SOCL 101 or 201, and at least 15 additional hours in SOCL, six hours of which must be courses numbered above 299. Both SOCL 101 and 201 can be applied toward the minor requirements. Sociology minors are limited to a total of three hours credit in SOCL 463-464 or SOCL 340 towards the sociology minor.


Minor is Criminology


The minor in Criminology consists of 18 semester hours to include SOCL 101 or 201, 227 and 325; 6 hours from SOCL 330, 335, 337, and 525; and three additional hours from ANTH 315, HLTH 501, PLSC 312, PSYC 213, SOCL 332, SOCL 463, and 464, and SOCL 507A and 507B.