Research and Achievements

Help us celebrate the research and achievements of our Social Work Department faculty and students! 


Student Accomplishments

Congratulations to second year MSW student, Dustin Huffman, for his recent spotlight through the NASW-NC chapter. Dustin serves as the student liaison to NASW-NC for Winthrop University. If you are interested in serving in this role, please contact Dustin via the MSW association tab in the Blackboard community for more information.

Brown. T., Claiborne-Scott, C., Dingle, J., Faison, S., Kirven, J., Lewis, D., & Toothman, K. (2020). As An MSW, My Social Work Practice Will Be. 

Dawkins, A. (2020).  Heal the Home, Help the Man: Promoting Smart Decarceration. NASW SC Spring Symposium. 

Dawkins, A. (2020).  Affirming Affirmative Action: Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). NASW SC Spring Symposium.

Faulk, J. (2020). Enhancing Face-to-Face Communication for Social Wellness. NASW SC Spring Symposium.

Faulk, J. (2020). From Institutions to Community: The Community Mental Health Act of 1963. NASW SC Spring Symposium.

Faulk, J. (2020). The New Social Worker. The Poverty Simulation Experience. Retrieved from

Garris, A. (2020). Epidemic of Homelessness, Substance Abuse, and Incarceration: A Cycle of Societal Detriment. NASW SC Spring Symposium. 


Student and Faculty Collaborations

Buckner, H. & Kutz, J. (2020). Social Work Students’ Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Autism.  Winthrop University SOURCE, April 2020. Mentor Dr. Constance-Huggins

Neff, D., Yang, J., & Hudson, M. (2019, October). Evaluation of students’ knowledge: Using community engaged applied research as innovative pedagogy. E-poster session presented at the Annual Program Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education, Denver, CO.

Dr. Neff:  

  • Worked with second-year MSW student Anna Grace McLaughlin on Affinity Health Center’s Ryan White Patients Needs Assessment: 2019 Report and Chart Book, co-authored report.
  • Worked with Morgan Hudson, second-year MSW student on South Carolina DHEC’s Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Surveys for Richland, Edgefield, and Saluda counties.
  • Currently working with first-year MSW student Hannah Grady on South Carolina DHEC’s Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Surveys for Lexington, Barnwell, Kershaw, Newberry, and Fairfield counties.

Morris, P., Buckner, H., & Wilson, W. (2020). Deepening My Cross Cultural Understanding through A Study Abroad Program. NASW SC Spring Symposium.


Faculty Scholarship

Hill, A.J. (2020). Suppressing financial exploitation among older adults: A social work perspective. Forensic Scholars Today 5(3), 1-5.

Sellers, W. & Kirven, J. (2019). Exploring cultural humility and online programs: Mid-career academics and changing times. Exploring Cultural Humility and Online Programs: Mid-Career Academics and Changing Times. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping 25(1), 49-56.


Faculty Presentations

Bloomquist, K. R. & Hopkins, S. (2020, April). Develop, Teach, Redesign, Repeat: Faculty Experiences with Online MSW Practice Skills Courses.  Paper Submitted to the 6th Annual Social Work Distance Education Conference. San Antonia, TX.

Bloomquist, K. R. (2020, May). “A Very Dark Day”: Foster Parents’ Experiences of Adoption Disruption. Paper Submitted to the 17th Annual International Congress on Qualitative Inquiry. Champaign, IL.

Bloomquist, K. R. (2020, May).  Transitions from the Title IV-E Waiver to Family First Prevention and Services Era: Regional Child Welfare Managers’ Perceptions and Experiences. Paper Submitted to the 17th Annual International Congress on Qualitative Inquiry. Champaign, IL.

Constance-Huggins, M. & Kirby-Straker, R. (2020, February). Seeking Understanding through Cross-Cultural Listening. Workshop on Intercultural Skills Education (WISE), Wake Forest University, NC.

Constance-Huggins, M., Moore, S., & Slay, Z. (2020, March). Sex trafficking in the Carolinas: Who’s talking about our Black girls? National Association of Social Work – SC Chapter Annual Symposium, Columbia, SC.

Hill, A.J. (2020, June). Sou-Sou Savings Clubs: A Strengths Model for Black Economic  Empowerment.  A Paper submitted to the 2020 National Association of Social Workers National Conference, Washington, DC. 

Hill, A.J., Mays, S., and Saunders, M. (2020, April). Financial Empowerment for the Physical, Social,  and Mental Well-Being of African Americans.  Paper accepted to the 52nd Annual Conference for the National Association of Black Social Workers, Detroit, MI.

Hill, A.J. (2020, March). Mental Health Outcomes and Financial Stress from the Black Perspective. A Paper submitted to the 33rd Annual NASW SC Chapter Symposium, Columbia, SC.

Hill, A.J. (2020, March).  A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned: Assessing Core Competencies in a Financial Social Work Course.  Paper submitted to the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors Conference, Birmingham, AL.

Hopkins, S. (2020, March).  The Elephant in the Room: Grief and Loss for Survivors of Abuse. SC Victims' Rights Week Conference. Columbia, SC.

Moore, S. & Slay, Z. (2019, November). Sex trafficking in the Carolina’s: Taking a closer look. Winthrop University Department of Social Work Research and Practice (RAP) Session.

Sellers, W., Constance-Huggins, M., & Slay, Z. (2020, March). Social justice and women in the workforce: Implications for social work practice. Conference paper at the Bachelorette Program Director (BPD) Annual Conference, Birmingham, AL.

Slay, Z. (2020, April). Voting matters! Social work education and election 2020. National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW) Annual Conference, Detroit, MI.

Slay, Z. (2020, March). Double jeopardy: Psychological health of Black women in higher education. American Association of Blacks in Higher Education, Charleston, SC. 


Technical Reports and Trainings

Pierce, B., Bloomquist, K. R., Imburgia, T., Kim, J., Richardson, E., Winters, D., & Muzzey, F. K. (2020, January). Indiana Department of Child Services Child Welfare IV-E Waiver Demonstration Project: Semi-Annual Report. Prepared for the Administration of Children and Families. Indianapolis, IN: Indiana University School of Social Work.

Sellers, W. (2020, March). Putting on the Oxygen Mask: Self Care for those who Care. Professional Workshop for Charlotte Local Program Unit of NASW, NC. NASW, NC: Charlotte.


Service and Awards

Dr. Wendy Sellers was accepted to the 2020 Charlotte Civic Leadership Academy (CLA). The Civic Leadership Academy is a part of the City of Charlotte: Housing and Neighborhood Services and provides opportunities for Charlotte residents to take the next step in becoming community leaders and active participants in urban development.