Study Abroad

Suggested Plans of Study

The following links provide suggested plans of study for students interested in study abroad, some of which include international internships during one summer. These plans of study are not hard-and-fast, and can be adapted to the student's particular interest, choice of minor or double major, and personal interests. The plans of study for the Political Science major and the Concentration in Public Policy and Public Administration assume an 18-hour minor. Students completing a minor that require more than 18 hours, of course, will have to complete more courses in the minor. The phrase "minor requirement" refers to a course taken to complete the minor. It may be a requirement of the particular minor program, or an applicable elective.

Please note: The Political Science department recommends that students take no more than nine hours of Political Science during their Study Abroad experience. We strongly encourage students to take a variety of courses while studying abroad, including courses that meet general education and minor requirements, foreign language and elective courses.

The Study Abroad programs highlighted here were chosen because they represent a wide range of world regions and offer courses potentially of interest to Political Science Students. However, Winthrop University offers study abroad opportunities with institutions all over the world. If none of these programs interest you, the Political Science department encourages you to explore other options through the International Center. The Political Science department chair, Dr. Jennifer Disney, is available to whether particular courses will transfer to Winthrop University as Political Science credit.

BA in Political Science Study Abroad

Capetown, South Africa (Stellenbosch University) (pdf- 23 kb)

Cairo, Egypt (American University) (pdf- 23 kb)

Kristiansand, Norway (Agder University College) (pdf- 23 kb) 

Osaka, Japan (Kansai Gaidai University) (pdf- 23 kb)

BA in Political Science w/ Public Policy and Administration Concentration

Cairo, Egypt (American University) (pdf- 22 kb)

BA in Political Science w/ Secondary Education Certification

Cairo, Egypt (American University) (pdf- 23 kb)

Omskirk, England (Edge Hill University) (pdf- 24 kb)

These suggested plans of study are a representative sample of the study abroad programs that are well-suited to the Political Science major, but this compilation is not exhaustive. Winthrop University has many study abroad arrangements in other countries that also lend themselves to the study of Political Science. For more information on other programs, please contact the International Center.

While every effort has been made to ensure that these suggested plans of study meet existing graduation requirements, students are ultimately responsible for ensuring that they meet all University requirements. When planning their course selections, whether at Winthrop University or abroad, students should regularly consult with their individual academic advisor, and their catalog.