Legal Studies Minor

The Legal Studies minor at Winthrop University is a multi-disciplinary program that encourages an exploration of law and its influence on society and provides students with an understanding of how a variety of disciplines treat questions of law, compliance, and justice.

This minor gives students a broad understanding of the legal environment in which we live and empowers individuals to participate in societies governed by the rule of law by promoting a consciousness and understanding of legal culture and institutions.

The Legal Studies curriculum will challenge students to ready themselves for a just and independent role in the shared governance of democratic society by exploring aspects of legal systems through a variety of disciplinary perspectives.



Legal Studies provides an excellent background for students wishing to pursue a variety of careers or advanced study, including managers, teachers, social workers, government employees, legal assistants, lawyers, etc.

The Legal Studies minor pairs exceptionally well with majors in such fields as business, communications, education, political science, social work and sociology. In short, anyone who can more effectively achieve their career goals with additional knowledge of legal systems will benefit from supplementing their major field of study with this multidisciplinary minor.

No matter what your educational or career goals are, you will find the Legal Studies minor to be flexible, accessible, and relevant.


For more information, contact:

Dr. Scott Amundsen
107 Bancroft     


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