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Janice Chastain Houk Award for Undergraduate Research

The Janice Chastain Houk Award for Undergraduate Research was created in 2007 by her husband and sons to honor her life and memory. Mrs. Houk graduated from Winthrop College with a degree in Political Science in 1976. She then enjoyed a career in state and local government until her retirement.

The Janice Chastain Houk Award will be given annually in the spring to the student that writes the best piece of original research in the Political Science Capstone (PLSC 490) course each year. The Houk Award will be presented at the annual Political Science Awards and Pi Sigma Alpha induction ceremony.

Winners are listed below:

  • K. Jurée Capers- 2008
  • Candace Porter- 2009
  • Nina Cano- 2010
  • Lorena Hildebrandt - 2011
  • Kayla Barber - 2012
  • Emily Longshore - 2013
  • Sarah Sladek - 2014
  • Peter Nagovnak - 2015
  • Jocelyn Davey - 2016
  • Kelly Scott - 2017

Last Updated: 8/11/22