Department of Political Science at Winthrop - Internships- Frequently Asked Questions

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Political Science

Academic Internships

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ question I want to do an internship, but I don't even know where to start.  How can I
      found about internship opportunities?

FAQ answer Students interested in enrolling in the PLSC department's internship program should talk
      with Dr. John Holder as soon as possible. In addition, links to various internships with
      elected officials and government agencies are available on the internship website page. 

FAQ question Do I have to find my own internship?

FAQ answer The Department of Political Science will assist students seeking academic internships,
      but does not guarantee that we will find placements. The Department gives first priority
      to students enrolled in the Concentration in Public Policy and Public Administration. 
      Other students will be accommodated on a first-come, first served basis. The Center for
      Center for Career Development and Internships 
can help arrange co-operative opportunities and give advice
      on job-seeking, interviewing and resume writing. The Department of Political Science has
      standing internship arrangements with the City of Rock Hill, the Town of Chester, and
      York County government.

FAQ question How do I register for PLSC 471, 472, or 473?

FAQ answer Dr. Holder is responsible for the administration of academic internships. Students who
      wish to enroll in PLSC 471, 472, or 473 must meet with Dr. Holder to discuss their 
      internship assignments and receive enrollment approval. For the vast majority of 
      internships, Dr. Holder will design the assignments and assign the students' grades.
      In some cases, when students arrange internships outside of Dr. Holder's areas of
      expertise, students will be directed to another member of the faculty who will design
      reading lists and assign grades as appropriate.

FAQ question What is the difference between a Co-Op and an internship?

FAQ answer A co-op is arranged and managed by the Office of Career Development. The contact
      person for College of Arts and Science students is Laura Foster. She can help you find a
      job in a related field as well as provide help with resume writing and interview
      techniques. While the Department of Political Science does not have a designator for co-
      op credit, it may be possible to apply it to another subject, depending on the type of job.
      An internship is handled through the individual departments. It has its own course
      number and each department has adopted unique policies on the expectations of the
      students enrolled.

FAQ question How far in advance should I start preparing for my internship?

FAQ answer You should start thinking about doing an internship for PLSC credit as early as the start
      of your sophomore year. It can take up to six months to decide on the area in which you
      want to pursue a specific job, meet with the internship coordinator, decide when to
      register for the course and finalize the details with your new employer. The earlier the
      better! Anyone interested in International internship possibilities or jobs with the CIA,
      FBI, State Department of the United Nations needs to start applying at least a year in
      advance. All of the government agencies require background checks and must issue
      credentials before employment can begin.

FAQ question Can I work a summer job/internship but apply for the credit in the Fall?

FAQ answer Due to liability concerns, this is no longer possible.

FAQ question Can I get credit for an internship with a law firm?

FAQ answer Some students MAY receive credit, depending upon their internship responsibilities. We 
      will not award internship credit for placements in law firms where the students'
      responsibilities are strictly administrative or real estate title searching. Students must
      have assignments related to the firm's law practice and must be approved by Dr. Holder.

FAQ question What if I don't want to do an internship in Rock Hill?

FAQ answer We encourage students to complete internship anywhere!! While the department has
      standing agreements with some local agencies, students may complete internships in
      the district offices of members of the South Carolina congressional delegation; with state
      agencies in Columbia or with local governments anywhere. In addition, students may
      look to internships in Washington, DC. For several possibilities, look on the internship
      website page.

FAQ question I have been accepted into the Washington Semester Honors Program through
      the University of South Carolina, Columbia.  Who do I talk to about credit?

FAQ answer Since this program involves transferring credit hours from USC, please see the
      department chair, Dr. Jennifer Disney.

FAQ question Can I do more than one internship?

FAQ answer We encourage students to complete as many internships as they desire. However,
      students may receive Political Science academic credit only once
. This means that
      you cannot receive credit for 473 twice. It also means that you cannot receive credit for
      both 471 and 473, for example. It may be possible to receive academic credit for additional internships
      through the Honors program or another department, depending upon the placement. We
      stress, however, that internships are valuable for a variety of reasons, even if one does
      not receive academic credit.

FAQ question What if I fail to complete the requirements for the course (i.e.- the paper, journal, and/or project)?

FAQ answer If any of the components for internship credit are not completed, a grade of "F" will be
      given. If you do not fulfill the requirements for the course or withdraw, you receive the
      grade of "F". If you re-register to take the class over to replace the grade, you must
      complete another internship project.

Last Updated: 8/20/20