Post Office

Student Post Office Box

How to Use Your Combination

Instructions for using your combination can be found on the Post Office bulletin board that is located next to the Post Office window. If we are not opened, and you do not understand the instructions, ask anyone using their box if they would explain the instructions to you and remember to return the favor in the future. Here are the combination instructions.


  1. Start at 0
  2. Turn dial to the left, passing your first number twice - stop on third time
  3. Turn dial to the right, passing the second number once
  4. Stop when you come to it the 2nd time
  5. Turn dial to the left and stop immediately on the third number
  6. Do not pass it,turn dial to the right until it catches, then pull open

Obtaining and Relinquishing

All resident students are expected to have a Post Office Box on campus, as no letters or packages are delivered to resident locations. If you are a resident student, and did not receive a P.O. Box in Wingspan, please come to the Post Office window at the DiGorgio Student Center, on the bottom floor, and we will be happy to assign your P.O. Box. Your P.O. Box and combination can be found on Wingspan, under the link P.O. Box, after you are assigned a residence.

After the semester is declared, we ask that if mail is incorrectly boxed in your box, please bring it to the Post Office window area or, if we are not opened, drop it in the Campus Mail slot located at the first opening just past the windows on the right. The campus slot is there for your convenience. There is also a slot for First Class mail in the same area. If you have mail intended for a department on campus or a chartered organization, it can be sent free of charge. Correspondence to another student does require postage as student boxes are regulated by the U.S. Postal service.

If you leave Winthrop or move off-campus for any reason, it is your responsibility to inform us of your new address. As soon as you are removed from the resident list, your box will be closed and your mail will be forwarded to the last address we have on file for you. Boxes are assigned at random, and only married couples are assigned to the same box.